Too Young to Play? What is the Right Age to Enroll Your Child in a Soccer League

How do you know when it is the appropriate age to enroll your child in youth soccer? This question is one that parents ask all the time. If you enroll your child before they are ready, it could be an overwhelming experience. This may sound over dramatic, but consider it through the eyes of a child: Fifty or more adults, including mom and dad, standing on the sidelines screaming, whistles blowing, and children running in every direction on the field. What may seem like fun to the parents could be interpreted as mass hysteria and chaos through the eyes of a young child.

Before enrolling your child in a soccer league, it is important to consider taking the following steps first.r soccer streams

1.) Talk with your child about joining a soccer league. Give them an accurate description of the activities they will be participating in. In other words, avoid saying things like, “Would you like to go play with Jimmy at the park this Saturday?” Let them know that they will be playing soccer with other children.

2.) Get a soccer ball for the backyard or park and see how your child responds to it. Bring them outside to kick the ball around with you and see if they are enthusiastic or indifferent. If your child spends the time pulling grass out of the dirt instead of kicking the ball back to you and participating, chances are you are going to see something similar occur on the soccer field.

3.) Talk with other parents. It is advisable for your child to have at least one friend or acquaintance on their team. Otherwise, the new experience, among children they do not know can be somewhat stressful. See if there are other parents in your network, who are thinking of enrolling their children too.

4.) Be available to participate in some capacity. While coaching your child’s team might be impractical due to time constraints or your general lack of knowledge about soccer, be sure to participate in some way. Most soccer teams have a rotating system where each parent brings refreshments on one weekend throughout the season. Be sure to get into this rotation if it is not automatic or expected. And, of course, make sure that there is at least one adult family member there each weekend to cheer your child on.


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